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Improving Everyday Tasks for Patients with Autism

A child with autism may also suffer from a developmental delay within their vision, making day-to-day tasks more difficult. In this success story, Jennifer explains how vision therapy helped her daughter enjoy everyday tasks. “Austyn was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy

Is it Autism or a Vision Problem?

At age 6.3 Hendrick was referred by his occupational therapiståÊin South Bend, INåÊwith a diagnosis of PDD NOS and high functioning autism. At his first examination with Dr. Fortenbacher, his mother reported that Hendrick would “melt down” when it came

Vision problems in Children with Autism

Autism is known asåÊa spectrum disorder that affects nearly 1 in 150 children. Developmental delays are also common in children with autism which can include key areas of vision development.åÊ Doctor supervised office-basedåÊvision therapy can effectivelyåÊremediateåÊdevelopmental delays of the visual

April is Autism Awareness Month

AutismåÊis the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States affecting 1 in every 150 individuals.åÊ Autism is categorized under the term ASD, which stands for autism spectrum disorders.åÊ A spectrum disorder refers to the varying degree of behavior affecting