Strabismus (Cross or Turned Eye)

As one of the leading Vision Therapy practices in the US, children, teens, and adults with Strabismus (Crossed-Eye) can now be effectively treated with our advanced Vision Therapy program. At Wow Vision Therapy, our state-of-the-art Vision Therapy provides a safe and effective in-office treatment option.

About Strabismus

Strabismus occurs when both eyes are unable to properly team and align together. As a result, one or both eyes will appear to cross-in or wander-out of alignment.


The word ‘Strabismus’ is an umbrella term used to describe an eye turn. However, the condition itself is often further classified by the direction of the eye turn, the frequency of the turn, and by which eye(s) are affected. These classifications include:

  • Esotropia – Inward turning
  • ExotropiaOutward turning
  • HypertropiaUpward turning
  • HypotropiaDownward turning
  • Constant or Intermittent – The frequency in which a turn occurs.
  • Unilateral or Bilateral – Whether it involves one eye or both eyes.
  • Alternating – If the turning of an eye occurs in the left eye and other times in the right eye.

The Risk of Developing Amblyopia

When the eyes are unable to align, the risk of developing Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) increases. This occurs when the brain receives separate images leading to double vision. This confusion leads the brain to suppress or “turn off” the double image from the deviated eye. When left untreated in early childhood, strabismus can lead to this form of vision loss known as Amblyopia or Lazy Eye.

Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus surgery modifies the muscles around the eyes to align them cosmetically. However, this often requires multiple operations. And although the eyes may appear aligned after surgery, the individual will often have:

  • Suppression and monocular vision (Only able to see with one eye)
  • Poor or no depth perception
  • Slower tracking ability
  • Poor eye-hand coordination
  • Poor spatial judgment
  • Trouble with reading fluency

Treatment – A Non-Surgical Approach

We provide comprehensive office-based vision therapy and innovative home support for more effective results. Our advanced treatment:

  • Is not limited by age
  • Utilizes the latest technology & methods

At Wow Vision Therapy, we are a leading developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy practice. Our doctors and board-certified vision therapists treat strabismus with intensive office-based vision therapy for more effective results. We address strabismus with a personalized approach. Each session is one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision. Our providers utilize the latest technology and methods, including in-office and home-support virtual reality to develop binocular vision and depth perception, making treatment enjoyable and productive. Furthermore, our treatment is designed for all ages.

When surgery is indicated, we work with ophthalmologists who specialize in strabismus surgery and co-manage the patient’s care before and after surgery.

Our advanced treatment includes:

  • In-Office and Home-Support VR
  • Intensive Binocular Vision Therapy
  • Visual Processing Development
  • Oculomotor Vision Therapy
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Development
  • Accommodation “Eye Focusing” Therapy


After treatment, our patients improve their:

  • Cosmesis (Eye Alignment)
  • Visual Acuity (Eyesight)
  • Binocular Vision
  • Depth Perception (3D Vision)
  • Visual Processing Abilities
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Reading Fluency


Hudson reports everything is easier since he started vision therapy including no more double vision, playing sports, reading, writing, and seeing in general. We agree! Not only did vision therapy make Hudson’s whole life better, but it also taught him hard work and perseverance to make a difference.

- Amanda

I’ve discovered a whole new world around me. The awe I have for everything 3-D (trees, stairways, boardwalks, hallways, my hands typing on a keyboard) is a gift, which I hope I never take for granted. Most people – including my student – now seem to be able to tell when I am looking at them, and that makes teaching a lot easier.

- Mary

We praise the Lord that Evelyn did not have to have eye surgery and that she now sees the world in all its 3-D beauty! We are so grateful to Angela, Dr. B, and the Wow Vision Therapy Staff for their care for and work with Evie.

- Sarah

Since coming to Wow Vision Therapy I have gone from pretty heavy prisms to none! I do not see double anymore and life is back to my crazy kind of normal!

- Donna

Wow Vision Therapy offered us the gift of individualized instruction, a team of experts, a loving, top-notch vision therapist, on-going progress checks, and above all, the gift of HOPE.

- Jenny

It was fun coming to play all the games and activities that were planned out for me each time…Now that I’m at the end of therapy, I’m happy to say that I no longer require a prism. My symptoms no longer bother me, and if they ever do come back, I know how to deal with them better.

- Jon

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