Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, to help you and your family.

Absolutely! Vision therapy isn’t just for children. Whether you are struggling from a lifelong vision dysfunction or if you acquired a vision problem, we have very successful outcomes with adult and older patients.

Patients are referred to our practice to evaluate and treat developmental and rehabilitative vision dysfunction(s) that may be impacting their quality of life or performance in school, sports, or work.

Absolutely! Our team will work together with your family or primary care eye doctor on addressing the concerns that we are uniquely qualified in treating.

While we also perform an eye health and vision assessment to determine the health of the eyes, visual acuity (eyesight) and refraction for the appropriate corrective lenses, our developmental/rehabilitation diagnostic testing involves an expanded comprehensive evaluation involving sensorimotor (eye coordination), visual perception/processing and visual integration abilities.

No. Although we do prescribe corrective lenses, we will always refer you back to your primary care Optometrist for glasses or contacts, when needed. If you do not have a primary care Optometrist, we will recommend a provider to you.

There are typically three appointments you or your child may have with our doctors before treatment begins. Each diagnostic and/or conference appointment lasts about one hour.

We typically schedule our patients for two office-based therapy sessions per week. Although we recommend this weekly session frequency, we understand this schedule may not be possible for all patients. If this session frequency does not work with your schedule, please discuss this concern with one of our Patient Care Coordinators.

Vision therapy/orthoptics is considered a medical procedure. Because medical insurance companies offer a variety of coverage and plans, coverage is entirely dependent on a patient’s plan, diagnosis, and age. We cannot guarantee treatment will be covered by your plan; however, we will advocate on your behave to help you get reimbursed from your health insurance provider.

Yes. Evening appointments are customary, depending upon availability and location.

Treatment duration varies from patient to patient based on several factors, including (but not limited to) the diagnosis and personal goals of each patient. All of this information will be reviewed in greater detail by the doctor during the conference appointment.

The fee for vision therapy depends upon the duration of the patient’s treatment plan. During your conference appointment, we will outline your detailed treatment plan, including duration of treatment, goals for therapy, fees, and different payment options available.

Yes! We participate with CareCredit and offer zero interest for 18 months and five years of extended financing.

There is an amazing Facebook group called Vision Therapy Parents Unite. In this group, you can speak with and ask questions to passionate vision therapy parents, past-patients, therapists, doctors and more!


Yes! There are a few great tools you can use to find a doctor who specializes in developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy.

If you are located in the USA, we highly recommend visiting a VisionHelp doctor.


If you are located outside of the USA OR live far away from a VisionHelp doctor, we then recommend searching for a doctor with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD).


Research shows that office-based vision therapy paired with home-support is the most effective treatment model. We DO NOT recommend patients attempt to treat themselves. Although we ask our patients to do home-support activities, to reinforce treatment, vision therapy must be conducted by a trained professional who specializes in developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy.

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