Motion Sickness & See-Sick Syndrome (SSS)

About See-Sick Syndrome (SSS)

See-sick syndrome (SSS) is a vision condition commonly associated with motion sickness, headaches and sensitivity to light (photophobia). This visual-vestibular condition occurs when our vision system and balance (vestibular) system miscommunicate with each other. SSS affects children and adults; however, adults tend to experience an increase in symptoms. Individuals suffering from this condition hardly associate it with their vision and rarely mention their symptoms to their primary care optometrist.


Do you or a loved one experience motion sickness while:

  • Riding in a car, plane, or another type of vehicle?
  • Watching sporting events, television or 3-D movies?
  • Walking in a crowd or while shopping?

SSS occurs in approximately 67% of the population. Those with SSS may have visited other specialists only to be told there is nothing wrong; yet, those living with SSS know something is not right. Many individuals suffering from SSS find it uncomfortable to ride in a car or shop at the supermarket without feeling nauseous. Furthermore, individuals who suffer from SSS may find it hard to:

  • Read
  • Travel
  • Enjoy social events
  • Sporting events
  • Complete normal daily activities

Suffering from SSS is not enjoyable and correcting this condition early on helps individuals experience life to the fullest, travel without the worry of getting sick, and eliminate the need to purchase anti-nausea medications or the use of other techniques, which may only temporarily reduce symptoms.


Vision therapy is an effective treatment solution for patients diagnosed with SSS. At Wow Vision Therapy, we deliver innovative optometric vision therapy through the principles of neuroscience, teaching our patients new vision and motion-related skills. Treatment duration may vary, but when our patients are consistent with their prescribed treatment plan, treatment can be quick.

After treatment, our patients typically experience lasting results relieving them from frequent motion sickness, as well as significantly improved vision and coordination skills helping our patients to enjoy life without using coping strategies. These improvements empower our patients’, instill a greater sense of confidence, and produce lives that are more productive.

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