Private Practice Residency

Those who complete their 1-year private practice residency at Wow Vision Therapy will experience personal satisfaction and professional confidence gained through advanced skills in one of optometry’s greatest specialties – developmental vision, vision therapy (VT) and neuro-optometric vision rehabilitation. Our residents will learn the best practices in providing vision therapy, staff training, and practice management tools for building a successful VT practice.

Wow Vision Therapy currently has two clinical locations. The first is located in St. Joseph, Michigan, which is nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. The second is located in Grand Rapids, MI, which is the second largest city in Michigan.

Wow Vision Therapy is West Michigan’s referral center for children and adults presenting with vision conditions such as amblyopia, convergence insufficiency/double vision, post-concussion vision syndrome, strabismus, or vision and learning problems. We also provide vision treatment for developmentally delayed individuals or individuals on the autism spectrum, to improve their daily living and learning abilities. Furthermore, we provide sports vision training for athletes. Click here for a list of our treatment options.

Under the direction of Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, our residents will immerse themselves in a practice that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with problems associated binocular vision, accommodation, and oculomotor function, visual information processing, visual-sensory and motor integration.

Wow Vision Therapy is also an externship site for the Michigan College of Optometry (MCO) students. Dr. Fortenbacher is a clinical professor with MCO and past president of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD).

Click here to read more details about the Southern College of Optometry Private Practice Residency Program at Wow Vision Therapy.