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Improving Everyday Tasks for Patients with Autism

A child with autism may also suffer from a developmental delay within their vision, making day-to-day tasks more difficult. In this success story, Jennifer explains how vision therapy helped her daughter enjoy everyday tasks.

“Austyn was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy and autism early on. As she progressed through her treatments and therapies over the next several years, her skills and abilities grew immensely, and it became evident that her struggles were vision based. Her eye exams were “normal” at first but eventually led to glasses and patching. With limited and fleeting progress over a year, it was recommended that we look into vision therapy.

Austyn has thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna and the Wow Vision Therapy team each week, as well as doing her at-home activities. The improvement was noticeable almost immediately-with the filters. This was encouraging to my daughter, boosting her confidence and perseverance!

The consistent improvement in all areas has been life-changing for Austyn, allowing her to do things she thought she could not do and allowing her to enjoy things that were previously frustrating. Now everyday tasks are easier! – Jennifer (Austyn’s Mom)”