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Treating Vision-Related Reading & Learning Problems

In education, vision is the dominant sensory system as 80% of learning is done through the visual system. Deficits within this system often decrease a student’s reading and learning abilities. Even with 20/20 eyesight, several vision conditions can affect a child’s ability to read and learn. These vision conditions are not always obvious and often go undetected during school vision screenings. Below, see what these parents and patients are saying after receiving treatment for their vision-related reading and learning problems at Wow Vision Therapy.

“Julia’s experience with Wow Vision Therapy has been nothing short of amazing. The journey that led us to Wow was difficulty in school, especially with reading, comprehension, and copying work from the board to her paper. Year after year we would watch her struggle become more obvious and our attempts to help always failed. When vision therapy was recommended we knew we had nothing to lose and Julia had so much to gain.

Since starting vision therapy, the changes in Julia are unbelievable. We have watched her blossom. She is so happy! Her beautiful smile is back. Her sense of humor and laughter brighten our days. As if her happiness isn’t enough, she now reads at her grade level, she understands and remembers what she reads and she can copy her work that is written on the board. Her balance has improved, she rarely complains of headaches, and for the first time ever, Julia likes school. She is a confident, fun-loving girl seeing the world clearly for the first time! As parents, we are thrilled.

Ms. Cheryl was Julia’s perfect match. She challenged Julia when she needed to be challenged and was always encouraging. Her positive attitude was contagious, and she could not have been more awesome. The confidence that she helped to instill and nurture in Julia will last forever.” – Jennifer and Joseph (Julia’s Mom & Dad)

“Before I came to Wow Vision Therapy, I struggled with tired eyes, car sickness, and migraines. Now, I no longer suffer from car sickness and migraines, and it takes much longer for my eyes to get tired. I have greatly enjoyed therapy and am excited to use all I have learned. Not only did therapy help me, but I also met some pretty cool people. Thank you so much!” –  Lydia (Patient)


“Kami was diagnosed with oculomotor dysfunction and convergence insufficiency. Reading was a drudgery and words she had seen a million times still had to be sounded out.

Since starting vision therapy, Kami’s confidence has grown. She has less difficulty reading and offers to read to my younger kids. She actually looks forward to reading and enjoys it.

Kami truly enjoyed working with Dr. Rae and with Miss Connie. They were always very encouraging.” – Tonja (Kami’s Mom)