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Specialized treatment comes to Grand Rapids for children who struggle from vision and learning problems

One in 12 children struggle with serious vision problems that cause reading and learning problems yet those same children will pass the standard vision tests. Collin is one of these children who endured the struggle with frustration and lowself-esteem, but with

Fixing Aloise’s Gaze

In this short video you will see 6 year old Aloise overcoming her constant right esotropia (crossed eye). Take a look at Aloise show off her emerging ability to consciously straighten her eyes. This important “motor fusion” ( eye muscle

Vision Therapy Isn‰’t Just About Eyes

As a 4th year Optometry student at Michigan College ofåÊOptometry,åÊI had assumed that the goal of vision therapy was only to target the eyeåÊcoordination skills that our patients have trouble with in the clinic and improve on them to eliminate