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Fixing Aloise’s Gaze

In this short video you will see 6 year old Aloise overcoming her constant right esotropia (crossed eye). Take a look at Aloise show off her emerging ability to consciously straighten her eyes. This important “motor fusion” ( eye muscle control) is an essential step in her ability to gain “sensory fusion” which is her neural “visual lock” and 3-D vision experience through binocular coordination of her eyes. When Aloise began with us at Wow Vision Therapy she had a constant 25 degree right eye-turn (with correction) at distance and near. Her right eye also had moderately reduced visual acuity due to amblyopia (lazy eye). Aloise is moderately farsightedness and wears spectacle correction full time including a bifocal. She works with us 2 days a week in office-base optometric vision therapy and does 15-20 minutes a day of home oriented activities on the days she is not here. She has never had eye muscle surgery as part of her treatment.