Visual Motor Problems

About Visual Motor Problems

Visual motor problems typically present difficulties with handwriting, completing written assignments, misaligning digits in columns, and frustration with paper pencil activities is often associated with problems with visual-motor integration (eye-hand coordination). Wow Vision Therapy provides effective treatment for accelerated development in visual motor skills leading to improved visual motor speed, legibility, and confidence with written tasks.


At Wow Vision Therapy, we treat binocular vision deficiencies with a personalized approach. With this approach, each session is one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision. During treatment, our doctors and therapists apply state-of-the-art technology and procedures, making treatment fun and productive. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. After treatment, our patients obtain significantly improved vision, academic abilities, and coordination skills. These improvements empower our patients’, instill a greater sense of confidence, and produce lives that are more productive.


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