Wow Vision Therapy Blog

Why Vision Therapy? Reasons are very clear!

I just read Annette’s blog today.åÊ I am blogging for the first time today.

I did not really hesitate to agree to this blogging idea, when asked, because my son had such a positive experience with his Vision Therapy.åÊ His therapist, Denise, was so helpful and gave him vision therapy activities that definitely matched both his needs and personality/interests perfectly.

That was 2 years ago, and Jared continues to do well in school and sports.åÊ Before his vision therapy, Jared had problems with his hand-eye coordination and his peripheral vision.åÊ When he read, he used his finger to keep his place.åÊ After vision therapy, these difficulties are all but non-existent.

What brought us to Dr. Fortenbacher?åÊ Our family optometrist, Dr. Brenda Smoke did a regular eye examination on Jared, and could not find a prescription that would give him 20/20 vision. He had a problem called amblyopia or lazy eye. She recommended Dr. Fortenbacher for vision therapy.åÊ After Jared’s vision therapy, at his next exam with Dr. Smoke, Jared received an accurate prescription and is now happily wearing contacts.

Joan Langmeyer