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Stubborn…or needing VT?

Yesterday I was at Barnes and Nobles with my son Levi. There was this adorable little boy sitting by his mom reading a book out loud to her. He was begging his mom to let him stop reading. He just couldn’t sit still and had tears in his eyes, because she wanted him to finish the book. Levi turned to me and said, ” He is just like I use to be…He needs Vision Therapy!” I could see the fustration on the poor moms face and I knew that I couldn’t walk away from them without telling them about Vision Therapy. I went over and told her that her son reminded me very much of my son. I shared with her the struggles we had. She told me that her son was just stubborn and just didn’t want to read. I asked her how she knew that. She then told me that some days he can read and some days he just doesn’t want to. I told her that Levi was like that too. I then turned to her precious little boy and asked him if he ever saw double letters or moving letters. He said, “Yes, but that isn’t my problem. It is the pain behind my eyes that is my problem”. I said, ” It really hurts bad doesn’t it? I explained to his mom that some days his eyes aren’t as stressed and he can read better. I shared with her our story and gave her some websites to check out. She was very interested and told me she was going to check it out. I am so thankful that I went to Barnes and Noble and was able to talk with that mom. That darling little boy might get the help he needs to overcome his struggle with reading, because his mom was willing to listen to a complete stranger. If you’re this mom and are reading this blog…I would love for you to keep us posted on your son’s results! Tootles everyone! Annette Siver