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Dyslexic…Not Anymore!

Do you know someone that has dyslexia? Well, if you do, I hope you will share my son’s story with them.Several years ago I was a home school Mom that was struggling to teach my son to read. No matter what I tried it didn’t seem to work. He would wiggle and squirm and just wouldn’t sit still, even when I threatened him with punishment. He had problems reading some of the simplest of words for example,on, of, if, was, saw. I wondered how in the world can he mess up such easy words… Sometimes he would add letters that weren’t even in the word. I was truly baffled. I realized this problem was bigger then I could handle by myself. I decided to take him to Sylvan Learning Center to be tested. It took him over five hours to do a test that was supposed to take about two hours. When I came back for the consolation they informed me that my son was “severely dyslexic” . They went on to explain that they could help him a little by teaching him some tricks that seem to work with other dyslexic people. But…Levi would never be like other kids. I was devastated to say the least. I went to my car and just cried and asked God to help me know what steps to take next. I felt helpless. God impressed me to get his vision checked.

My friend told me about Wow Vision and suggested that I take my son in to be tested. I decided I didn’t have anything to lose by taking him in, but everything to gain. We found out that he had something called “Convergence Insufficiency”. (I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to explain what that means, but you can go to and read all about it.) But in a nutshell…His eyes were not teaming and working together. Dr. Fortenbacher told us that with about three months of Vision Therapy that he should be able to improve drastically in his reading skills. We decided to give it a go. It felt great to have hope again. Slowly we started seeing improvements. No longer was our son struggling to read those small words. It has been two years since he finished his Vision Therapy.

Now he is reading 6/7 grade level and doing great! What is even more astonishing is that he is reading for FUN! Was the time and money spent on Vision Therapy worth it? YOU BET !

Annette Siver