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When a Child Struggles with Reading, Vision Therapy May Help

We know that vision is critical when it comes to reading. In fact, our visual abilities are what allow us to appreciate the world fully. For children, proper visual skills are vital for reading, learning, and sports. Without these, many children struggle with reading or develop a dislike for learning in general. 

When talking about visual skills, we are referring to a child’s ability to use their eyes as a team, track objects, and focus properly. These skills go beyond a need for glasses and contacts – although proper visual acuity (eyesight) is also very important. A patient who knows this well is Kelly Grace – an 8-year-old child from South West Michigan.  

While at school, Kelly Grace struggled with reading. As her mom, Molly, put it, “Kelly Grace stopped picking up books to read. She would say reading is too hard and not fun. When we did read, she would often guess at words, get sight words confused, and struggle with what line she was on.” 

The reading difficulties Molly described are all too common with a child who suffers from 3 common visual conditions that affect readings. These conditions are known as Convergence InsufficiencyAccommodative Dysfunction, and Oculomotor Dysfunction

When searching for a solution to her child’s reading difficulties, Molly learned about Vision Therapy – a rehabilitative program, prescribed to treat developmental and/or neurologically induced dysfunctions of the visual system. That is when she scheduled a Developmental Vision Evaluation with Wow Vision Therapy.

After meeting with Dr. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD, Molly learned that Kelly Grace was indeed suffering from the three common visual dysfunctions that affect reading. And shortly after, Molly started Kelly Grace into Vision Therapy with Wow Vision Therapy.

After completing her sessions with the team, Molly reported that Kelly Grace, “…loves reading! She picks up any book around the house (even our coffee table books) and reads. She peels through 3 or 4 books in one sitting. She has a stack of books on her bedside shelf that she reads every night. She reads with confidence and expression: Her sight words accuracy is completely perfect. She doesn’t skip lines anymore; her tracking is handled. We are so overjoyed that our little girl who loves school and loves to learn now LOVES reading! ” 

Molly continued to say, “Kelly Grace has had the most incredible experience at Wow Vision Therapy. We can not thank Dr. Dan and Krystal enough for accommodating us and getting Kelly Grace the results that she needed.”


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