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Short Stories By Vision Therapy Patients

Vision therapy is a rehabilitative program, prescribed to treat developmental and/or neurologically induced dysfunctions of the visual system. Typically, those who need this form of treatment experience visual problems that go beyond what glasses or contacts can correct. Some of the common visual problems these types of patients experience are double vision, blurry vision, poor visual tracking, reduced eyesight in one eye, poor depth perception, crossed/turned eye(s), visual confusion, disorientation, frequent motion sickness, poor visual processing – to name a few.

One of the world leaders in Vision Therapy is based right here in West Michigan! With two locations, Wow Vision Therapy sees patients of all ages. Not only do they treat many visual problems, but they also enhance vision for athletes as well! After patients complete therapy, they experience lasting results that typically do not require additional Vision Therapy.  Below, several patients or their parents share their short stories, how they discovered Vision Therapy, and what life is like after treatment.

By: Haley

When Roy started with Wow Vision Therapy, he had trouble staying focused on his reading & writing. Within a few sessions with Wow Vision Therapy, it became apparent that this was definitely the right road. Almost immediately, we saw improvement in his handwriting & an overall increase in his interest in reading. Reading became fun! By the end of his classes, he was actively going to the bookshelves, and his end of the year report card showed drastic improvement.

Roy has started writing his own short stories & plans on creating many more to accompany his illustrations.

By: Michele & Doug

Our son, Damian, was struggling in school with writing, motivation, and attention. One of his biggest struggles was when copying from the whiteboard to his paper. Damian would meltdown and refuse to participate in any writing activities. 

We noticed when Damian was reading that while he could decode and comprehend, he was having difficulty tracking. He would skip words and constantly re-read lines. 

We brought him to Wow Vision Therapy, and he began working with Ms. Cheryl two days a week.  Ms. Cheryl was patient and loving with Damian. 

Damian increased in many abilities and now enjoys both writing and drawing activities. We are immensely impressed and grateful to all of the therapists that worked so amazingly with our son, especially Ms. Cheryl and Dr. Fortenbacher.  

Damian thoroughly enjoyed his therapy and said he does not want to graduate because he wants to continue coming. 

Thank You!  

By: Gwenda & Eric

So many changes. DRA scores went from 30-38, almost hitting the 4th-grade benchmark. 

NWEA reading scores went from 217-89%tile in the fall to a 228-93% tile this spring. 

In Titan’s words, “Reading has become easier. The lines have not been going double. It doesn’t make me as tired”. 

Thank you so much. Not only has his reading improve his writing has gotten much more legible. I’m so proud of Titan’s hard work and the staff at Wow Vision Therapy’s hard work to help Titan become successful.

By: Donna

In the beginning, I could not watch TV or drive as my vision was almost completely double. It was hard to deal with. Since coming to Wow Vision Therapy I have gone from pretty heavy prisms to none! I do not see double anymore and life is back to my crazy kind of normal!

Thank you to Dr. F., Monica and all the staff and office people. I felt like family.


By: Phil

Prior to starting at Wow Vision Therapy, I was having the issue of my eyes burning and watering after I had been reading a short while. When I looked up, I saw shadows, and everything was blurry. It was taking up to an hour to come back into sharp focus.

I was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and referred to Wow Vision Therapy. Dr. Bartolini quickly confirmed the diagnosis and assigned me to work with Anna and Lauren. They developed a program specifically for me. Working with the team was fun and educational.

Anna and Lauren pushed me to extremes each visit. I am happy they did. I no longer have issues with my eyes. I read without discomfort, and when I look up, everything is clear. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone with ongoing visual problems! As an optician, I have already shared my experience with some of my patients. Thank you, Wow Vision Team!


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