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If Your Child Struggled In School; Now’s The Time To Find Solutions!

When visual problems get in the way of educational performance, parents may not hear their child complain about blurry eyesight. Instead, what they may see are frustrations, such as:

  • Reading is a struggle
  • Homework is a battle
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Difficulty with handwriting
  • Frequent letter reversals

The research is clear, when there are concerns for reading and/or learning difficulty; often, there are causes based on visual problems that go beyond clear eyesight.

What this means is, if your child experienced difficulties in educational performance, an essential first step should be to find out if they have the necessary visual readiness skills with a comprehensive Developmental Vision Evaluation, which includes a visual perceptual and sensorimotor assessment.

What’s in a visual perceptual and sensorimotor assessment?

At Wow Vision Therapy, our sensorimotor assessment is an expanded series of visual tests, performed by the doctor that takes a detailed look at critical areas of eye coordination, determined by the latest JAMA research at Harvard Medical School to be correlated with reading deficits. Examples of these visual problems that are associated with reduced educational performance even with or without corrective lenses are binocular dysfunction (eye teaming disorder), accommodative dysfunction (eye focusing disorder), and/or oculomotor dysfunction (eye tracking disorder).

Our visual perceptual assessment measures the patient’s ability to interpret, comprehend or “make sense” of what they see and integrate with reading fluency, comprehension, spatial concepts, letter reversals, handwriting, attention/ concentration, and overall learning abilities. These standardized tests measure strengths and/or weaknesses in visual perceptual and processing abilities compared to developmental norms.

Based on the results of this comprehensive Developmental Vision Evaluation, our doctors prescribe appropriate lenses, when necessary, determine any visual diagnoses related to reduced educational performance and create a detailed, comprehensive, vision evaluation written report. Our report will include short term classroom management accommodations, helpful for informing teachers, as well as a treatment plan for long term therapeutic solutions to effectively remediate underlying visual problems, reducing or eliminating the need for special accommodations and most important facilitate your child’s future educational success.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD
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If your child struggled in school this year, now is the time to schedule a Wow Vision Therapy comprehensive Developmental Vision Evaluation including visual perceptual and sensorimotor assessment.