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Ella’s Success Story

By: Kimberly

Ella was a great student up until second grade. As the year went on, her scores got lower and lower, and she had more and more homework. We were working with her for about two hours every night on homework. Most of it stated did not finish in class.

During the conferences with her teacher, she told us Ella always planned with her hair, necklaces or anything in or on her desk. She would also always ask to go to the bathroom and would just look around when the rest of the class was working. By winter, Ella had one of the lowest NWEA test scores in the class for reading and language. Ella was complaining of her stomach hurting a lot and started coming home from school due to it. In addition, Ella could never ride a bike or a scooter. During the winter/spring conference with her teacher, she showed us her scores and talked about how she thought Ella might have ADD or ADHD because she could never stay focused and always had to get up to go to the bathroom during the time the kids were working. She also asked if we ever had her vision checked, in which we had. She had 20/20 vision. We had no idea what was going on. We would question if she was seeing double or if everything was blurry and she said no. If you held up sight words, she did great. She just did not fit ADD or ADHD to us.

Her teacher told us about Wow Vision Therapy. So I called.

We could not have been happier with the staff and the results that Ella had. Within weeks she started to ride her bike and scooter. On her spring NWEA test scores, her growth was 40 percent in language and 30 percent in reading. She was one of the highest scores in the class. In language, her score was higher than the normal grade and district grade level. Within a couple of weeks, she came home for her first time EVER with no homework, after that for the rest of the school year, she was able to complete all of the class assignments in class. She was so excited that day to come home with no homework.

She never wanted to read, and it was such a struggle to get her to pick up a book. Now every day she reads multiple times a day and is starting to get caught up in reading the same books as her friends.

We went from struggling every day with her to get her to stay focused on her homework and have her complete it, to no homework and reading for fun. She is also not embarrassed to ride her bike with friends because we were able to take off her training wheels.

We had no idea what was happening, and she didn’t either. She never knew anything was wrong. We are all amazed at the results within such a shorty time. Her teacher said when she talked to us about her test scores that she has never seen such an improvement in such a short time and no medication all.

Wow Vision Therapy changed Ella’s life, and she became her happy self again.

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