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Her Son’s Reading Abilities Soared After Vision Therapy

By: Jenny

About seven short months ago on a warm sunny day, I sat in Dr. Bartolini’s office and cried as initial results from Eric’s evaluation were shared. How could a child, like Eric, that comes from a house with piles of children’s books in every room, a mom with a master’s degree in reading, and an extra year of preschool be ranked #5 out of 92-second graders at his school to get reading support? 

We were sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, and at a complete loss. 

Wow Vision Therapy offered us the gift of individualized instruction, a team of experts, a loving, top-notch vision therapist, on-going progress checks, and above all, the gift of HOPE. Our biggest hopes were that our son, who was described as “fragile” by his first-grade teacher, would be treated in a way that grew his confidence, reading identity, and ability. 

Now, 7 months later, as the snow continues to fall, we not only have multiple pieces of data from school and Wow Vision Therapy that proves Eric has made progress, we have evidence of success in our everyday lives- which is the best gift of all! 

Before, our son refused to read. When forced, he would mumble words, open the book painfully slow, refuse to sit up and read. It would take all night to force, persuade, and refocus our son to read for 20 minutes. Now, he tackles his reading, reads independently, takes books to bed and in the car, chooses to read rather than be forced. 

He now demonstrates feelings of urgency, confidence, and passion for reading that was nonexistent before. Our family holds in our heart immeasurable gratitude for our exceptional experience given to us by the one and only, Wow Vision Therapy Team.

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