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Sam’s Success Story

By: Mia

Sam was diagnosed with “Severe Convergence Insufficiency”  and had all of the classic symptoms, including what we thought was ADD. Sam had such a difficult time staying on track, sitting still, and focusing, which we always just attributed to him having ADD. From ages 3-7, the symptoms heightened year after year.

Luckily Sam’s wonderful teacher noticed him complaining about his eyes during the school day (2nd grade). She had another student with similar symptoms who had found Wow Vision Therapy.  On our first visit to Wow Vision Therapy, Dr. Fortenbacher discovered that Sam had Severe Convergence Insufficiency. It was so obvious when he walked me through the test with Sam that I felt like a terrible parent! There is no doubt that he had been living with this from a very young age. It was overlooked by pediatricians, eye doctors, and standard school eye exams.

Now that Sam has gone through vision therapy, his ADD symptoms are pretty much gone. He can sit still when he reads and seems actually to enjoy reading. His eyes are working together without blurriness. Overall, his vision and behavior have completely turned around, and we are just so excited for him going into his 3rd-grade year of school this fall.

Lastly, we will always be grateful for Sam’s vision therapist, Ms. Connie. Her gentle, intelligent, and natural approach to working with kids made all of the effort hugely worth it while making it fun for Sam.

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