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Grayson’s Success Story

By: Deanna

Vision therapy has played a key role in Grayson advancing in school and with his reading and writing abilities. Grayson has always been a very active and outgoing kid that loves to help everyone but struggled with reading from an early age.

Grayson was a late talker and would always avoid reading or listening to stories. We noticed that he was struggling in school at the end of his Kindergarten year.  We were able to get him tested through the school, and he was given an IEP by the end of the 2nd grade. This seemed to help some, but he was still struggling with reading and was unable to copy from the board to his planner. We wanted to try everything we could before he stopped participating in class and did not want his amazing spirit to break.  

Starting 3rd grade was a struggle.

Learning spelling words and reading were a nightly fight. 

Our family eye doctor recommended Wow Vision Therapy due to the ongoing issues in school. Additionally, Grayson was having issues focusing and holding his left eye steady when reading.

After checking into Vision Therapy, we signed up immediately.  We wanted to try anything that could help Grayson’s struggles with reading and writing activities.

Since starting vision therapy, Grayson’s writing has improved, and he can now read stories without skipping words. He can read more fluently and is doing better in school. He has also improved with his hand-eye coordination and is doing better in sports.

Grayson has said that he loved going to vision therapy because they always made it fun to learn what they were teaching him.  He says that words are no longer fuzzing when reading and can read along without having to use his finger to find his spot in the story.

Our family will always be thankful for Wow Vision Therapy, Miss Jessica, Miss Cheryl, and the Wow Vision Team.

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