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Lucas’ Success Story

By: Lucas

Wow Vision Therapy has helped me with so many things, especially school and baseball. Before Wow Vision Therapy, my life was so much harder. I was frustrated a lot and didn’t really know why. It seemed no matter how hard I worked, I could not read as well as my friends. Wow Vision Therapy has changed my life for the better.

I did not think that Wow Vision Therapy would be a good thing when I first began going. I did not understand why I had to go. My parents and the doctor told me that I saw things in a different way from how most people see things.

At first, I did not notice a difference. After a few sessions, I began to notice some differences but did not want to tell anyone. By the end of the sessions, I realized that all my hard work had really paid off. I had improved in both reading and math by almost three grade levels! My performance improved in all of my sports, especially baseball. It felt so weird to only see one solid ball coming at me!

Everybody at Wow Vision Therapy is very nice! I am very thankful for them. I am especially thankful for Doctor Kelsey. She has helped me so much! She changed my life!

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