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After treatment ‘now Romeo’s vision is clear’

Amblyopia Success Story

By: Lindsey (Romeo’s Mom)

At the age of three years old, Romeo was diagnosed with amblyopia. He immediately began occlusion therapy in the form of eye patching for 8+ hours a day. We were told that Romeo was at risk for completely losing sight in his right eye if the patching didn’t work. After a year of patching, Romeo’s condition had improved significantly, but he was still struggling in Pre-K with learning letters & numbers. He was also having trouble sitting still in class and maintaining a calm body.

We learned about Wow Vision Therapy through family friends that have two children in therapy. After meeting with Dr. Fortenbacher, we learned that Romeo was seeing double vision when reading because his eyes weren’t working together. Also, his brain was suppressing vision in his right eye at a distance, and this was effecting Romeo’s ability to judge distance (which was why he was always falling/tripping and had trouble catching a ball).

After starting vision therapy, Romeo struggled to do the at home exercises and had trouble maintaining focus during his sessions. I worried that we weren’t going to see results as we had hoped. Then, one day Romeo decided he wasn’t going to wear his glasses anymore. We couldn’t figure out what changed until Dr. Fortenbacher explained that now Romeo’s vision was clear up close and there were tiny scratches in his lens that were bothering him now because he could finally see them! Romeo seems to be learning his letters and numbers easier now and next year will move on to kindergarten.

Thank you for helping Romeo!