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Connor’s Story expressed in a Matthew West song…leads to Fox and Friends Sunday

Connor Caple What an amazing year it has been for Connor Caple. The Doctors and Staff at Wow Vision Therapy would like to congratulate Connor for all of his accomplishments and to his parents for staying strong throughout Connors years of frustration as a result of his reading and learning difficulties. Especially we would like to recognize Connor’s mother, Michelle who expressed her story of sadness inåÊa letter to musical artist Matthew West who in turn composed a song entitled: To Me

About 1 year ago, at age 15, åÊConnor presented for care to Wow Vision Therapy as a recommendation from his reading teacher who recognized many of the visual symptoms thatåÊConnor was experiencing. Connor’s symptoms were significant foråÊpoor concentration for reading, letter reversals, difficulty keeping his place when reading and avoidance of reading. On the COVD Quality of Life Symptom Checklist he scored 47!

Connor was identified with delays in visual development particularly in eye movement skill, visual processing and visual imagery ability.

Connor completedåÊhis vision therapy treatment plan with us at Wow Vision Therapy in July 2010. He was reading everyday, but because it was the middle of the summer it was not known how well we was actually going to do in school.

Connor came in for his 3 month progress evaluation this week åÊand is reporting 3 grade levels improvment in reading and doing much better in spelling.åÊ His Quality of Life Symptom Checklist is nearly all “0’s” …only a few “1’s” (total score 7).

We are thrilled with Connor’s success and thankful to have had the opportunity toåÊplay a role in the progress of åÊhis life’s journey. Connor’s next stop is New York City on the weekend of November 13-14, 2010 åÊwhere he and his parents will be interviewed on the Fox and Friends Sunday Morning Show. This should be a wonderful interview where his story of struggle that lead to his mother’s letter that lead to…To Me

To Me by Matthew West (The Story Behind The Song) from emicmg on Vimeo.

*Thank you to Steve and Michelle Caple who gave us permission to share Connor’s story*