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MFBF treatment for amblyopia shows patching alone is not enough

Happy child 2 MFBF is a technique we use to accelerate vision developmentåÊthrough office-based treatment of our patients with amblyopia. ThisåÊlatest research (October 2010), from Current Biology, shows that this MFBF(monocular fixations in a binocular field) treatment methods are evidenced based in Neuroscience. Read more in this interesting VisionHelp Blog post written by Dr. Leonard Press.

Research Support for MFBF Amblyopia Optometric VisionåÊTherapy

The significance of this research is that occlusion therapy (eye patching) the “good eye”, when utilized as the sole treatment,åÊdoes not address critical aspects ofåÊbinocularåÊvision development for patients with amblyopia.

Dr. Fortenbacher has previously bloggedåÊon this topic and explainsåÊwhy eye patching alone is not enough to treat amblyopia. Parents need to be aware of this advancement in amblyopia treatment which isåÊbased on solid research.åÊIf you have a child who has amblyopia and the only treatmentåÊrecommended is an eye patch, consider finding a doctor who will provide office-based vision therapy and the MFBF technique. Eye patched child

Read Dr. Fortenbacher’såÊprevious VisionHelpåÊpost here:åÊAmblyopia treatment ‰ÛÒ Eye patching alone is no longer the standard ofåÊcare