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Better 3-D Vision and Vision Tracking…”Super Bowl” results for High School Student- U of M Baseball Scholarship

Cameron LutherBetter eye coordination and 3-D vision helps improve performance in many ways. Simply put, “track it better” hit it better in baseball and read it faster and easier in school and academics.

Read aboutåÊone of our 17 year old patients and his success fromåÊvision therapy. His name is Cameron Luther. Cam’såÊinitial diagnosis before treatment was accommodative (eye focusing)and oculomotor (eye tracking)åÊdysfunction . He presented for a vision evaluation because he and his parents were very concerned about his difficulty with reading efficiency. He was very frustrated keeping his place and concentrating on his reading material. Following 25 sessions of office-based vision therapy Cam has improved in many ways. Here is Cameron’såÊstory in his own words:

“Since beginning vision therapy, I have noticed improvements in nearly every aspect of my vision, but there are two improvements that have stood out amongst the rest. They are my reading speed and my ability to track a baseball when hitting.

At the start, my reading speed was not where it needed to be. In my preliminary test, as a seventeen year old, I was reading at around a sixth grade efficiency. This really took a toll on my ACT score, since the test is timed and requires a lot of reading. I knew I was bright and the potential to read faster and score better, but my eyes had trouble focusing. Throughout myåÊvision therapyåÊI noticed steady improvements and by the end, my reading speed and efficiency was at the level of a third year college student. Thanks to this improvement, I was able to reach my goal, and scored a 33 on the ACT.

Last spring (2008), I had had a mediocre baseball season, and I was getting worried. Having just finished my junior year of high school, that summer was going to be my last chance to be noticed by the colleges. As it turns out, the vision therapy which I had originally done to improve my reading, helped a great deal with baseball as well. I felt like I could track the ball out of the pitcher’s hand and could read the spin on a curve-ball like never before. As it turns out, I led the Midwest region in home runs over the summer with nineteen, and was offered a baseball scholarship by the University of Michigan! I doubt any of this would have worked out had it not been for the vision therapy.

Lastly, I would like to thank my vision therapist, Dr. Lindsey, Dr. Fortenbacher and everyone at WoW Vision Therapy. You all really made a difference.”

Cameron Luther