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The Benefit of “Two-Eyed” Vision…The Ability to See 3-D!

Littlejoe_200 A common question asked by parents of children with strabismus (“crossed-eyes”) is, “What is my child seeing?”

My answer is, “It is not what they are seeing, it is what they are not seeing”.

What the child with a crossed eye is not seeing is 3-D or stereo vision. In other words they are missing out on a quality of vision experience that is often difficult to put into words, but, in general means the ability to see the volume of space that exists between objects in our environment.

Surgery to correct crossed eyesåÊmay offer aåÊcosmetic solution to crossed eyes, butåÊsurgery alone does not automatically provide the patient with stereo vision. However, office-based vision therapy is an effective treatment to not only help the patient acquire straight eyes, but also develop the brain’s to gain the ability to see…3D!

Recently, Joe Palca (childhood photo above) coluministåÊof National Public Radio, covered this in more detail with a personal perspective. Click here to read the article and even better to hear the audio story!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD