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Visual Problems Left Her Fearing Unemployment after Car Accident

When someone experiences a sudden bump, blow, or jolt to the head, often a concussion diagnosis follows. Those with a concussion frequently experience several visual problems. In fact, over 50% of patients with a concussion have visual problems that cause headaches, light sensitivity, double vision, eye strain, or blurred vision. For many individuals, these symptoms will go away on their own; however, for some, these symptoms never heal on their own. And when someone struggles with untreated visual problems daily, all aspects of their life suffer. This was especially true for Erin. 

After a severe automobile accident, Erin was struggling with several visual problems for two years. She noticed that several aspects of her life became very challenging. At work, she said, “I was struggling to keep my part-time job as a receptionist because of constant confusion and headaches.” Not only was her professional life disrupted by these visual symptoms, but her everyday life was also affected. Public spaces overwhelmed her, reading gave her motion sickness, and she was fearful of driving. At home, she struggled with cooking and following recipes. When she tried to spend time with family and friends, she was unable to follow a lengthy conversation. And at night, she had to sleep for at least ten hours in order to get through the next day. As she put it, “I sadly wondered if I could ever get back to functioning well again.”

Desperate to find a solution to all these visual problems, Erin found her way to the Wow Vision Therapy team in Grand Rapids, MI.

After her Vision Rehabilitation Evaluation with Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, O.D, FCOVD, Erin discovered that she was suffering from Post-Concussion Vision Syndrome and Convergence Insufficiency. These conditions directly affected serval aspects of Erin’s vision. After learning of her diagnosis, Erin started Vision Therapy.

Erin was paired with Anna, one of the Board-Certified Vision Therapists at Wow Vision Therapy. At first, Erin described therapy as “…challenging. But Anna knew what I could handle and always made me feel good that I was trying. She taught me how to think outside of the box and that trying a task several times would help me accomplish a taxing task. My confidence grew.”

Throughout her treatment, Erin started to notice a real change in her life. As she put it, “The headaches were less intense and were more easily relieved. I could both think and see more clearly, make better decisions while driving, navigate grocery shopping much better, found it easier to concentrate and follow instructions, and my job performance improved.”

Before starting Vision Therapy, Erin was fearful that her visual symptoms would lead her to lose her job. However, Erin is happy to report, “By the end of therapy, I had received a job promotion and I was working full-time…” Erin went on to say, “I am deeply thankful for the life-restoring experience I had a Wow Vision Therapy.”

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