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Treating His Eye Turn Changed The Course of His Life

When an individual lives with an eye turn, often they may feel like there is no hope with treatment. Maybe they were told that treatment success is low or that surgery is not an option to treat their cross-eye. On top of that, their vision condition often will affect their daily life. If they are in school, they may see grades decline because their vision condition slows down their ability to read and learn. In sports, they may find it challenging to catch a ball or see objects correctly in our three-dimensional world. And for Joseph, these were similar experiences.

At 18 years old, Joseph struggled with a form of strabismus – which occurs when both eyes are unable to accurately team and align together. As a result, one or both eyes will appear to cross-in or wander-out of alignment.

Living with this vision problem, Joseph noticed his grades declining. On top of that, he suffered from frequent headaches and eye strain.

After visiting with his local optometrist, who recommended Wow Vision Therapy, Joseph scheduled an evaluation with the St. Joseph team.

When Joseph entered Wow Vision Therapy, as he put, “I didn’t know what to expect, my grades were suffering in school, and I doubted that someone could help me fix my eyes. When I first entered, I was greeted by a fun and vibrant staff that was so willing to help me become my best self.”

Over the next few months, the Wow Vision Therapy team worked to help Joseph improve his binocular vision. During that time, Joseph said, “I worked hard with the staff to improve the health of my eyes. I was so shocked by the results I was able to attain from the kind and helpful staff. Throughout this period of therapy, I saw my headaches and eye strain go down, and my grades and standardized test scores soared.”

After Vision Therapy, Joseph is happy to report that, “Wow Vision Therapy truly changed the course of my life, and I am so thankful for choosing them to help me figure out and treat my eye condition.”

Disclaimer: The patient, parent or guardian in these stories authorized the use and disclosure of the patient’s name, photographic/video images, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and/or patient testimonial.


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