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‘The best decision of my life was to pursue vision therapy.’

For adults, vision problems like Convergence Insufficiency can develop later on in life. For these adults, this condition is usually a result of a brain injury, like a concussion. Even a mild brain injury can affect someones binocular vision (eye teaming) abilities and leave them seeing double throughout the day. Below, one of our adult patients explains how vision therapy helped her reclaim her, “…full potential moving forward.”

 By Annie (Patient)

Full Potential

The best decision of my life was to pursue vision therapy. I’m thankful to Dr. Seim who led me to Dr. Fortenbacher and Wow Vision Therapy when I explained my difficulty with seeing.

I was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency. It has been an adventure reclaiming my full potential moving forward. I have always been interested in increasing my knowledge to improve myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and made decisions to direct me on my path as a whole person with purpose and meaning.

I was very curious to discover an explanation of what I was experiencing at times with my vision.

After starting therapy, I began to see the difference and felt validated for my curiosity and willingness to learn so that I could improve my vision and live life to the fullest.

I began with an awareness of my difficulty with vision and learned what I can do to improve it.

I’ve experienced amazing improvement and understanding of what was going on with my vision. I am more alert and confident and don’t hesitate to say what I need to say to make myself clear. I was made aware of where my vision issues are, and I am able to apply what I’ve learned in therapy to make my eyes work together.

I also greatly appreciated the listening ear my therapist could give me and great ideas to work on key points where I needed help.

I am exuberant about all the knowledge and preparation I have experienced to help me function better in my life and about not needing to work so hard to achieve goals in everyday life.

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