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Reading and Attention Problems Found with Common Eye Condition in Children …A Proven Treatment for Convergence Insufficiency

Parents, teachers and health care professionals should see this video byåÊthe National Eye Institute. Too often children with reading and attention problems are overlooked in the healthcare delivery system, labeled with ADHD,åÊlearning disabilitiesåÊand/or behavior problems when instead theyåÊhave a common undiagnosedåÊeye condition known as convergence insufficiency (CI).

Watch thisåÊvideo and see what the director of the National Eye Institute (NEI), researchersåÊas well as a mother of a child who had CI, have to say. The results of the National Institute of Health (NIH)åÊ”double blind” multicenter researchåÊproject completed in 2008åÊfound thatåÊthe only proven treatmentåÊfor CIåÊis office-based vision therapy. Other approaches such as home based remedies or prism glassesåÊare not effective.

Children with CI often have symptoms that can impact reading, learning and attention. After treatmentåÊthe patientåÊwill often show dramatic improvement in reading, learning and attention and concentration for near vision visual tasks.

At Wow Vision Therapy, office-based vision therapy is provided by a Doctor supervisedåÊBoard Certified Vision Therapist along with vision therapy assistants.åÊ Once successfully treated, the results are life long without the need foråÊfurther maintenance treatment.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD