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Vision-related Learning Problems…parents be aware, 20/20 sight is not enough!

Your child may not be visually ready for school due to aåÊvision-related learning problem even though theyåÊhave excellent eye sight (20/20 or better). How can that be? Your child’s visual “readiness” for learning involves over 15 visual skills. It is very important for parents to have their children’s vision evaluated before school to make sure that they have good eye health, eye sight AND to see if they have the essential visual skills that are critical for reading, learning and attention and concentration.

Public awareness is growing for children’s vision-related learning problems.åÊAugust is the National Children’s Vision and Learning Month.

Helping to spread the wordåÊabout vision-related learning problems,åÊåÊtwo of the nations top doctors in developmental vision and vision therapy have beenåÊinterviewed by TV News stations. The following news segments provides vital information to parents.

First, lecturer, private practitioneråÊand recipient of the prestigious the COVD 2008 GN Getman Award, Dr. Carl Hillier from San Diego: Click here to view Dr. Hillier.

Second, private practitioner and Vice President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development Dr. Carole Hong from San Francisco: Click here to view Dr. Hong.

It is important that your child be tested prior to school by a primary care optometriståÊwho is experienced with children’s vision problems. An important question to ask your doctor is, “If my child has a vision related learning problem do you either provide or will you refer meåÊto a doctor who provides office-based vision therapy?”

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD