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Nabil’s Amblyopia Success Story

By: Khaled (Patient’s Parent)

Wow. Wow. Wow! I am so impressed by the team at Wow Vision Therapy.

My son was diagnosed with moderate amblyopia in his left eye at age 7. While every other specialist had declared it would be very difficult for him to regain his lost vision since he was past the age of 7, the team at Wow Vision Therapy told me that it was not too late because of the plasticity inherent in our brain. Apparently, just like we can learn new things past age 7, we can also still learn to see as well. You just need the right approach.

They employed a very systematic methodology that was not patch intensive at all to get him to improve his vision. I also found them to be extremely professional in every aspect of their interaction with their clients while at the same time being very personable.

Since having had my son go through their program, I am often reminded of the famous “Apple” ad, “Think Different,” where an outdated way of thinking is eventually superseded by “seeing things differently.” In the case of amblyopia, the outdated approach treated amblyopia as a monocular dysfunction. For that reason, the therapeutic approaches typically achieved limited success. It was thought that improving the visual acuity of the amblyopic eye is key. Many places astonishingly still subscribe to this way of thinking. It turns out, apparently, that really amblyopia is a deficiency of binocular vision and not a monocular dysfunction at all. By getting the two eyes to work together, all aspects of vision improve, including visual acuity. That really flipped the problem on its head, and to me, that’s just genius. What was so great about Wow Vision Therapy is that they keep up with the latest research and readily employ these findings in their therapeutic programs.

The team at Wow Vision Therapy was successful in treating my son because of three reasons. First, they have deep knowledge of the subject matter. They are specialists in their field. In fact, vision therapy is all they do. I was surprised when I first walked in that there were no shelves of eyeglasses lining the walls of the entrance. That’s because they don’t deal in optometry. They do vision therapy. They deal more with the brain than the eye. By doing one thing and doing it well, they are real experts in their field. Most other places that do vision therapy do it as a side job, but it’s not their main job. Their main job is doing eye exams and fitting you with eyeglasses. At Wow Vision Therapy, on the other hand, they do none of that. All they do is vision therapy.

The second reason they are so successful is that they use cutting-edge, modern technology to efficiently tackle the problem. Not only were they able to improve my son’s vision, but they were able to do it in an impressively short amount of time. I’d say every case is different, but generally, things don’t drag on in their clinic. They have you come in, hammer it out, and you’re done.

The final reason I found they were so successful is that you get deep, personal attention, not the kind that stops when you leave their office, but rather a bond is formed between you, the doctor, and the vision therapist that extends beyond the office visits. I truly felt they wanted you to be successful, and they really wanted my son to improve his vision. In other places, you might go, and they might be helpful while you are in the office, but they are not holding your hand every step of the way as they are here. Each and every question I had was always answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. This factor, along with the other two, made all the difference in the world.

Now, my son has graduated, and he’s on to living his life to his fullest potential. I’m so grateful to them that my son can now see with both his eyes working together.


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