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Her Reading & Learning Confidence Blossomed after Vision Therapy

Research shows a child or adult may have normal functioning eyesight yet still have a significant dysfunction in their visual performance that impacts reading and learning. These visual problems can be developmental in nature or even due to a concussion, but nearly always come with emotional side effects. When these visual problems are properly treated with vision therapy, the patient will typically perform better and gain self-confidence. To better explain, here is a story of our patient Audrey, written by her mother, Becky. She describes the improvements not just in her ability to read but also her overall emotional well-being and confidence. 

“We sought out Wow Vision Therapy for our daughter Audrey after she had academic testing at school due to poor reading comprehension. Her school testing showed her to be far behind in some “visual areas” related to reading, but they told us that was “normal”, and sent us on our way. Feeling helpless, I was reminded of Wow Vision Therapy, and visited their website. After taking the initial online “test”, we knew there was a good chance they could help us and called for an appointment to be seen by the doctor.

Since Audrey started VT, she has seen improvements-even in areas we had no idea was an issue. Her reading comprehension is so much better! She is able to focus on things visually, better & quicker than before. She is also able to concentrate better.

The biggest thing VT has improved in our child is her self-confidence. She no longer feels “dumb” because of her reading struggles. She lived her life thinking, “I’m just dumb” because of her comprehension issue- not realizing that it was a vision issue. On just that alone, with vision therapy, she has improved so greatly!

Thank you…thank you for the work you do at Wow Vision Therapy, giving people the tools and training to improve on vision skills, so many of us take for granted. We are so grateful for you all!”


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