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Effectively Treating Teens & Adults with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Maybe you’ve been told by your eye doctor that nothing can be done to help Lazy Eye after age 10. If that is the case, then your doctor is basing their opinion on eye patching the good eye (occlusion therapy) as the only treatment. And when it comes to the patching treatment method for Amblyopia, this is true. Research shows that eye patching for Amblyopia has limited effectiveness in restoring vision for those past age 10. 

But, as with many advancements in healthcare, likewise in the field of vision rehabilitation, there are new and better ways to effectively treat lazy eye (Amblyopia) in teens and, for that matter, adults at nearly any age. 

At Wow Vision Therapy, we are one of the leaders in Vision Therapy for Amblyopia. By utilizing the most advanced methods in neuroscience, we have developed models of binocular vision therapy in virtual reality and much more that build not only the ability to see clearer in the amblyopic eye but to gain that “special something” that is nearly always missing in those with a lazy eye. That “special something” is depth perception. 

Why is depth perception usually missing in those with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)? 

Amblyopia occurs early in young childhood due to a disruption in the two eyes working together, resulting in the brain “shutting off” an eye to prevent double vision. This condition, known as suppression, is why depth perception is minimal or absent in those with Amblyopia. Therefore, effective modern vision therapy targets “turning on” both eyes and then building the function of both eyes working together. As a result, depth perception begins to turn on, giving the individual a whole new perspective and quality of vision.

With normal depth perception, one can drive a car more safely, play sports better, provide confidence in walking around in a cluttered environment, and much more. Patients often describe seeing their environment and the world around them with greater appreciation. In addition, once the two eyes are working together, techniques to restore eyesight in the affected eye are effective and lasting, even in teens and adults. 

At Wow Vision Therapy, we use advanced technology involving virtual reality applications in vision therapy. We can even prescribe treatment remotely for many of our patients so they can work with us directly, within the comforts of their homes, or wherever they have WiFi. 

For example, one of our teenage patients, Abby, describes her experience and results from our advanced treatment: 


By: Abby

When I first heard about Wow Vision Therapy, I was skeptical that any treatment would improve my eyesight. I had accepted that I’d be seeing my entire life through a “foggy window,” if you will.

It wasn’t until about a month into my therapy sessions that I began to notice a change in my vision and daily life. Everything came to life in vivid 3D, and I suddenly could appreciate the little details I’d been missing for 17 years. Whether it be the wild crowd at a football game or all the features of a strawberry, I could finally see it. And that’s not even the best part!

Every week I was greeted by the sweetest, most encouraging friendly face, Connie. She helped me with any questions and shared my triumphs and excitement for my new vision.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to have new eyes, try Wow Vision Therapy and unlock a new level in your life. 

Most of our patients, like Abby, can reach their desired results within 3-4 months just by using our remote treatment plan. Those with Strabismus (crossed eye) forms of Amblyopia do better with in-office and remote treatment combined.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD
Wow Vision Therapy


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