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By: Brenda

I first heard about Vision Therapy (VT) at my most recent routine eye appointment, when I was told my left eye was not focusing in a coordinated way with my right eye and that this was not something that could be corrected with an eyeglass prescription. It was suggested that VT could help.

I spent some time learning about VT and then researching to find the best practice for me to schedule an evaluation. Although I found an option closer to home, I chose Wow Vision Therapy because of the online information provided, the helpfulness of Phillip when I called, and the accommodations provided – all of which indicated a more patient-centered approach. Turns out I made the right choice!

I liked Dr. Alyssa right away, and my trust in her continued to grow. I was in good hands. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a great therapist, Allie, who I quickly found to be an excellent fit as we partnered together, week after week, to gain improvements in both the suppression of vision from my left eye as well as with convergence insufficiency.

The therapy room reminded me of a physical therapy environment, one where the exercises help forge new neural pathways to overcome deficiencies and retrain vision. I believed the whole time that this was possible. After all, the brain can be retrained following other types of deficiencies, and I understood these similarities.

I dedicated myself to the process. It was difficult and hard to gauge how the improvements or limitations of the exercises translated. But while the therapy was demanding, it was also coupled with encouragement and perspective from Allie; she was confident, competent, and compassionate, and I allowed myself to be guided by her expertise. I loved that she really cared, and it showed. Periodic evaluations helped me see that improvements were happening! All of this gave me hope. One day my peripheral vision improved in such a dramatic (WOW) way that I started seeing panoramic views of my world! I never realized what I was missing.

My final evaluation brought pure joy when I found out that the progress I had made met the goals of my therapy. My doctor and therapist were equally excited. I am so very grateful for this life-changing experience.


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