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Struggling… to success!

CertificateThe following is a “Story of Success” provided to our office by the mother of one of our patients- Tyler. This story is special because of the rapid changes that have occured in Tyler who was signficantly behind in his vision development and school prior to beginning vision therapy. Here is Tyler’s Story, writen by his mother- Lori Loebach:

While Tyler was in Kindergarten we noticed that he struggled with letters and reading.åÊ It was frustrating for him.åÊ He would ask you to read a short story for him and then he would memorize it instead of reading. His struggles seemed to continue into his first grade.åÊ He was extremely frustrated with reading.åÊ He would state things were tooåÊhard to see on the pageåÊor he couldn’t see it.åÊ He hated reading and would cry all the time about it.åÊ It was a struggle to do homework.åÊ His writing skills were at times so illegible.åÊ He talked about his hands would shake and he couldn’t write on the lines without his writing being all over the place.åÊ He was very frustrated and would say he was dumb and couldn’t do what the other kids could.åÊ Because he is so smart we kept hearing he just needs to slow down.

We were concerned that was the case until we met Mrs. McArthur,åÊan occupational therapist from Gateway, and she referred us to Dr. Fortenbacher.åÊ Tyler has made great improvements.åÊ He has gone from being considered a non-reader to being one of the top readers in his class.åÊ He enjoys reading more.åÊ His writing has improved tremendously.åÊ He is very happy and loves coming to Vision Therapy with Jackie.åÊ We would definitely recommend Vision Therapy.åÊ We can’t say enough what it has done for Tyler.