Wow Vision Therapy Blog

Do you treat adults?

Absolutely! Vision therapy isn’t just for children. Whether you are struggling from a lifelong vision dysfunction or if you acquired a vision problem, we have very successful outcomes with adult and older patients.

Why was I referred to Wow Vision Therapy?

Patients are referred to our practice to evaluate and treat developmental and rehabilitative vision dysfunction(s) that may be impacting their quality of life or performance in school, sports, or work.

Do you dispense glasses or contacts at your office?

No. Although we do prescribe corrective lenses, we will always refer you back to your primary care Optometrist for glasses or contacts, when needed. If you do not have a primary care Optometrist, we will recommend a provider to you.

How many treatment sessions will I have a week?

We typically schedule our patients for two office-based therapy sessions per week. Although we recommend this weekly session frequency, we understand this schedule may not be possible for all patients. If this session frequency does not work with your schedule, please

Does my insurance cover vision therapy?

Vision therapy/orthoptics is considered a medical procedure. Because medical insurance companies offer a variety of coverage and plans, coverage is entirely dependent on a patient’s plan, diagnosis, and age. We cannot guarantee treatment will be covered by your plan; however,

How long will it take to complete vision therapy?

Treatment duration varies from patient to patient based on several factors, including (but not limited to) the diagnosis and personal goals of each patient. All of this information will be reviewed in greater detail by the doctor during the conference

How much does vision therapy cost?

The fee for vision therapy depends upon the duration of the patient’s treatment plan. During your conference appointment, we will outline your detailed treatment plan, including duration of treatment, goals for therapy, fees, and different payment options available.

How can I speak with past Vision Therapy patients?

There is an amazing Facebook group called Vision Therapy Parents Unite. In this group, you can speak with and ask questions to passionate vision therapy parents, past-patients, therapists, doctors and more! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP