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The Impact of Concussion on Vision…the latest video from VisionHelp

The Impact of Concussion on Vision is the latest installment from the VisionHelp Group that brings together leading experts in vision development and rehabilitation along with the personal side of this issue because a young woman, Abby, tells her story about life after a concussion.

For Abby it was just another day riding in the car when suddenly and without warning she was T-boned. Her car flipped 3 times before she came to a stop. In many ways she was fortunate because she survived the crash. The doctors at the hospital told her to go home and get some rest. But, from that point on her world had changed. Her vision was no longer the same. She was dizzy and the room moved just as if she had gotten off a boat. She couldn’t work like she used to, it was very frustrating and it wasn’t simply going away with rest and time… until she sought vision rehabilitation.

Take a moment to watch this short video and learn how concussions can have a significant impact on a person’s vision and yet, with vision rehabilitation there is help.

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Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD