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By: Minho

My most prominent experience with the ripple effect happened a little bit over a year ago…

For my entire life, I’ve taken things for granted. My ability to eat copious amounts of food, breathing, being born in a first world country, having eyes that work. All of that I’ve never thought twice about, but there was a wake-up call.

My vision was the first thing to go, it was slow but noticeable. The saying you don’t realize what you lost after you lose it is true. I made a decision that day that I had to try and change something or else risk living this life filled with misery.

The constant double vision and battling with my low self-esteem was a mountain to climb. Not only was I able to overcome this obstacle, but I realized that this one decision, of going into vision therapy, has affected my life in so many different ways.

No longer do I fear of being in school, worrying that I’d have to go double and avoid contact with my peers. No longer do I need to be scared of driving or doing something as small as looking out the window and fearing I wouldn’t be able to see the sky the same countless times I’ve seen it before.

It’s been a year and a half since therapy started, and I can say that there are people you meet in life that are passionate. The fire in their hearts to do good and impact other people’s lives radiate off them.

I’d proudly like to say that Collin’s need to help others rubbed off on me, and I’m currently looking into studying a profession that could help others.

As my experience here [Wow Vision Therapy] comes to an end, I’d like to say that my time here was something to be cherished.

I can see why it’s called Wow Vision Therapy because it truly was a WOW experience!

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