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Short Stories: Patients Advocate for Vision Therapy

Vision Problems Following a Head Injury 

By: Eugene

I came to vision therapy after complications from a head injury and being referred by my doctor, I was skeptical at first. I did not feel it was going to help me recover. The first few weeks I felt like this was a waste of time and I needed traditional treatment. Then after several weeks, I started to feel better and my vision was getting better! The nausea I was experiencing when I started was almost non-existent. I was not having headaches as often. It’s like all at once I started feeling better and I could see the progress as we tracked it week by week. It was like wow, no more skepticism. I was actually looking forward to my sessions. Vision Therapy works. I have even had doctors ask what is it and I gladly tell them my story and how it helped me. After all of the medical treatment I received over the last 10 months I CAN SAY VISION THERAPY IS THE ONE THING THAT WORKED!!!!!!!

Vision Problems Affecting Academic Performance  

By: Lisa

Vision Therapy has been transformative for Josiah. When we started, he strongly disliked school, fought against homework, and struggled to read very simple books. Now he spends free time writing “books” and drawing and sneakily is reading chapter books by flashlight under his covers at night. His overall disposition is more easy-going and confident and he is excited for school to resume in the fall. It has been such a joy to watch this transformation take place and make the challenge of doing the therapy worthwhile.

Reading is Easier After Vision Therapy

By: Mac

The changes I’ve seen are I can read much easier, and I don’t lose my spot as much. Also, I don’t get headaches, and my eyes don’t hurt when I read. I also had a lot of fun while I was at Wow Vision Therapy. I would like to thank Ms. Jessica for helping me and Ms. Mary, for being funny, and she is very kind. I also thank Dr. Jamie for helping me before she moved.

Disclaimer: The patient, parent or guardian in these stories authorized the use and disclosure of the patient’s name, photographic/video images, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and/or patient testimonial.


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