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Lauryn’s Success Story

By: Andy, Denise, and Lauryn

We initially came to Wow Vision Therapy for help with Lauryn’s reading comprehension. She had always struggled with retaining and comprehending the information she read. Over the years, this on-going struggle led her to dislike and avoid reading. We tried reading to her and, whenever possible, having her use books on tape. This helped; however, it was not an ideal or practical long-term solution.

We were very pleased with the thorough testing she received at her initial visits to Wow and the time Dr. Fortenbacher and his staff spent with us explaining the results. Many of our concerns were addressed by the test results.

Lauryn always looked forward to her vision therapy visits at Wow Vision Therapy and developed friendships with both of her therapist. Over the summer, as she continued with her therapy and her homework exercises, we started seeing an increase in her reading comprehension. She also started noticing her peripheral vision expanding. She was so happy when she no longer experienced headaches and blurred, double vision while reading. We also started seeing a gradual increase in her desire to read.

We are looking forward to this new school year for Lauryn and anxious to see how her therapy will benefit her in her academic studies.

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