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TeleTherapy Improved His Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Remotely

By: Geoffrey (Patient)

As an adult with Amblyopia, I’ve been told by far too many optometrists that my amblyopia was untreatable.

Come to find out, that’s not necessarily true.

Back in March of 2021, I came across a post on Reddit by Wow Vision Therapy announcing a new teletherapy service for patients outside of their service area. I checked out their website and discovered they used Vivid Vision as part of their therapy program, which was something I had been following for the past few years and was desperately waiting to find a provider near me that offered Vivid Vision.

After an initial consult with Dr. Fortenbacher, I felt an overwhelming sense of hope and encouragement that my refractive amblyopia could, in fact, be treated.

He emphasized that 300 minutes per week, minimum, was the target for vision exercises. My employer had transitioned everybody to remote work in 2020 due to COVID, and with the extra hours in my week not spent commuting, I was confident I could hit that mark.

My therapy exercises would consist of VR-based therapy using the Vivid Vision program, computer and console-based video games, and additional exercises focusing on the other parts of the visual system – such as ocular motor control and vergence.

I had my first teletherapy session with Connie in May of 2021. We walked through all of the materials and did some initial tests to establish a baseline. I hit my 300 minute mark for exercises the first week, and in just the second week, I was able to see a stereogram (Magic Eye) image for the first time in 38 years. At that moment, it became apparent that the therapy was working.

I “graduated” therapy after 12 weeks – meeting weekly to discuss progress and next steps over Zoom. The visual acuity in my amblyopic eye has improved from 20/200 all the way down to 20/50 and 20/40 in some cases. Depth perception is now a reality and not some abstract concept that I had heard about all my life. Looking at your child’s face and seeing her features as they really are for the first time or noticing how flower petals pop out – these are moments that I never knew I could experience.

While I may not be in the therapy program any longer, I have the tools necessary to continue working on improving my visual acuity.

I am incredibly grateful for everything that Dr. Fortenbacher, my delightful therapist Connie, and the rest of the team at Wow Vision have been able to help me achieve in restoring vision in my amblyopic eye.


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