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‘Everything is Easier Since He Started Vision Therapy’

Strabismus is a failure of binocular vision, in which a child or adult is unable to properly team and align their eyes together. As a result, an eye will appear to wander out of alignment. What’s worse is the impact an eye turn has on vision. Vision therapy helps patients with strabismus to attain binocular vision, including depth perception. Check out our most recent strabismus success story below.

By: Amanda (Hudson’s Mom)

Hudson reports everything is easier since he started vision therapy including no more double vision, playing sports, reading, writing, and seeing in general.

We agree! Not only did vision therapy make Hudson’s whole life better, but it also taught him hard work and perseverance to make a difference.

Last summer, I burst into tears when he voluntarily read Harry Potter out loud to us. I cannot think of Wow Vision Therapy and the amazing staff here without tearing up.

In particular, we feel Collin had a tremendous impact on Hudson’s success. From their first day working together, he just got Hudson and always seemed to know just when to change things up and when to push him.

Thank you Wow Vision Therapy!

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