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A Hidden Vision Condition that Affects Fine Motor Skills

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common condition which causes difficulty or inability to effectively converge or align both eyes together to perform near oriented visual tasks, like tracing, writing, reading or computer work. This hidden vision condition is not always easy to spot without getting a comprehensive vision evaluation. Below, one parent shares her daughter’s vision therapy success story.

By: Heather (Quinn’s Mom)

Quinn began vision therapy after working with occupational therapy and not showing much improvement.

She struggled with fine motor skills, tracing, writing, catching, throwing, bicycle riding, coloring, etc. It was due to her having problems with tracking and convergence.

Since completing her vision therapy sessions, she is riding her bike, she traces well and is now even writing words on her own!

We are so thankful for Jessica and her ongoing patience, support, and encouragement.

We definitely recommend Wow Vision Therapy to other parents we know.

Once she is reading, we will see if she needs to come again and bring her back [to Wow Vision Therapy] in a heartbeat if needed!

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