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Treating Vision Dysfunctions Later In Life

It is not uncommon for many adults to struggle with a vision dysfunction that affects their work or daily living. And more often than not, these individuals have coped with this condition all their life. But without intervention, symptoms may get worse as we age. The good news is these vision dysfunctions are treatable at any age with vision therapy. Check out this success story from one of our adult patient’s.

By: Adam

Before I started vision therapy, I had been experiencing eye strain and headaches, often to the point of nausea and I was frequently taking anti-inflammatories to be comfortable. My job often demands 6+ hours of computer time each day, and I felt I couldn’t perform to my potential. Some days within 2-3 hours I felt visually exhausted, and it was difficult to focus on my computer screen. Different contacts and glasses had been tried over the course of 6 years, but lenses seemed to create strain and symptoms were getting worse. I was wondering if I needed to find a different career that did not require a computer.

After going through vision therapy for convergence insufficiency, the frequency and severity of my headaches and strain have greatly reduced. If I sense any strain, I know what to do to improve the situation now. I also find that I am less sensitive to light, it is easier to maintain eye contact with people, and my eyes are not exhausted by the end of the day. My treatment plan also included activities to address motion sickness. I had struggled with busy environments, seeing rapid movement, and riding in cars since I was a teenager – but never knew it could be linked to vision problems. I now am less sensitive and anxious in these situations as well.

Thank you to the Wow Vision Therapy staff for improving my quality of life and making it a pleasant treatment experience!

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