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Parents Explain How Vision Therapy Increased Academic Success

When it comes to reading and learning, several vision conditions can hinder a child’s performance in school. In the following stories, parents explain how vision therapy increased their child’s academic success.

Maren’s Story

By: Amy (Maren’s Mom)

Maren has struggled with her reading from a very young age, never reading at her grade level. I tried many different approaches to help her along. I read to her, hoping this would pique her interest in books wanting to discover them on her own.

I became a certified reading tutor for children with dyslexia, we enrolled in every extra help at school hoping something would make a difference. It wasn’t until I noticed how quickly she would “check out” while doing school work, and her complaining about the words on a page being double, that I thought maybe it could be something with her vision.

We started at our family eye physician who referred us to Wow Vision Therapy. There we learned that Maren was seeing double, and had a convergence problem. We started therapy, and it has made a world of difference in a very short time!

I just received a report from school about her progress thus far in the school year, she is very close to the goal that was set for her to achieve in September 2018!

She started the year at 47 words per minute and is currently testing at 74 words per minute. Scoring as high as 87 words per minute. Both her fluency and comprehension has increased, and she is now getting A’s and B’s in her classes. She comes home from school with energy and excitement to get her homework finished as opposed to procrastinating and dreading homework.

Now she is excited about what she has learned and wants to excel and achieve! I am forever grateful for this program. The joy that comes from seeing your child’s love for learning develop is immeasurable!

Marisa‘s Story

By: Dana (Marisa’s Mom)

Wow Vision Therapy was our third stop in our journey to decrease Marisa’s vision difficulties. She was seen by two other vision clinics: they helped, but there were still issues that were causing Marisa to be frustrated.

When we came to Wow Vision Therapy, Marisa was avoiding reading chapter books, had difficulty copying from near point, lost her place when reading, and always complained of headaches. Although she was receiving good grades at school, she appeared to be working overtime and always seemed fatigued and frustrated by the end of the day.

Marisa is now reading chapter books with increased speed, accurately copying from near point, completing her homework faster, is not complaining of headaches and is not overly tired at the end of the day.

Comparing Wow Vision Therapy to the other vision therapy places we tried: Wow Vision Therapy had the most individualized program, well-educated staff and kept the sessions fun. They were able to tailor her program to address her specific deficits.

In hindsight, Wow Vision Therapy should have been the first stop on our journey. We are forever grateful for the caring staff that made such a significant improvement in our child’s life.

Thank you for everything!

Aubrielle’s Story

By: Michele (Aubrielle’s Mom)

I was skeptical about vision therapy (VT) because I had never heard of it.

Like most parents, I was struggling with making a decision as to which path would help my daughter the most.

Before VT, Brie hated reading and this significantly affected her self-esteem and confidence.

Now that she has completed VT, she is able and wants to read independently. She has developed a new self-confidence that I don’t think she otherwise would have.

I would recommend Wow Vision Therapy to parents who are struggling with how to help their child.

I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to do it finally!

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