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Treating Adults with Amblyopia on ViewPoint with Dennis Quaid

Dr. Fortenbacher and Wow Vision Therapy are being featured with Vivid Vision in the Award-Winning Documentary Series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. Too often, those with Amblyopia/Lazy Eye slip past an age where they are told nothing can be done to treat their vision loss. But, just as medical technology advances in all areas of healthcare and neuroscience, the same is true for the treatment of Amblyopia/Lazy Eye. The best part is, treatment is not just for children anymore!  

With the latest applications developed by Wow Vision Therapy and Vivid Vision Virtual Reality, we can help most older patients with Amblyopia get excellent treatment results! We can do this both in the office and/or remotely, resulting in fewer appointments and less travel time than traditional Vision Therapy. 

Our advanced virtual reality in vision therapy allows us to provide the most effective Amblyopia treatment available directly to the patient in any remote setting with wifi. This speeds up the treatment process and can significantly lower the cost, especially with patients diagnosed with Refractive Amblyopia, where the majority of treatment can be done virtually.

To learn more about how we accomplish this, we are proud to share the segment just aired on Public Television produced by ViewPoint with Dennis Quaid! 


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