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‘Madelyn is now on track to be a successful First Grader’

Amblyopia or “lazy eye” is a neuro-developmental vision problem that occurs during infancy and early childhood. Those with amblyopia experience reduced eyesight typically in one eye, even when best corrected with glasses or contacts. In this Success Story, one family explains how vision therapy was able to treat their daughter’s amblyopia.

By: Tom & Kayla (Madelyn’s Parents)

Madelyn, 6, had become very clumsy over the years. So we sought out to get her eyes checked after her preschool teacher suggested it to us. She is a very outgoing young lady, full of energy and love. She made friends easily at school but struggled in reading and writing. Madelyn was diagnosed with a sensory disorder at the age of 3, and we struggled to find a place that really helped Madelyn grow as a person. Madelyn’s teachers described her as full of energy and loved being around friends but had a lot of trouble focusing. She was easily distracted by sounds, lights, people, etc. The therapy place we saw before suggested we try Wow Vision Therapy. After reading the online success stories, I called right away and got our first appointment scheduled. I was very happy to hear that their methods would help Madelyn focus more which would allow her to grow as a student.

At our initial appointment, I was so pleased with how amazing the staff was. We walked into what felt like a “home” and not a therapy office. Each of the tests was explained to us before they started. Not only would they tell us how the test was performed but also why they do the test. We were very impressed with the staff and felt extremely comfortable with each and every one of them.

Immediately we started noticing a difference in Madelyn’s behavior at home and at school. She came home from school happier and not so worn out. Her teachers at school said whatever you are doing at home keep it up. The exercises at home were always a battle because she would rather play outside but we pushed through them, and now Madelyn is graduating from Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy has been the best gift ever given to Madelyn and our family. Now Madelyn has more focus when she is working on something and can sit still for longer periods of time. Madelyn is now on track to be a successful First Grader, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.  We are so blessed to find this place and would highly recommend Wow Vision Therapy to everyone.

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