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Improved Handwriting, Reading, Comprehension and Sports

While in 1st grade, I noticed Raegan was a much slower reader than the other children her age, and she would frequently leave out small words such as: and, a, the.

During the summer I took her to see the optometrist. She prescribed glasses, and was told that she had Convergence Insufficiency. The doctor recommended that she wear her glasses for a few months, and if there was no improvement we should consider vision therapy. By January, we saw no improvement and even saw that her comprehension grades were dropping.

We decided that it was time to have an evaluation with Wow Vision Therapy. This was one of the best decisions we have made for Raegan. After 25 sessions we have noticed improved handwriting; she is able to read much quicker without leaving out words, and her comprehension improved by a whole letter grade! Raegan is now reading her 1st chapter book!

Raegan has been playing softball for two years. She had only hit the ball a handful of times in those two seasons. This past weekend she hit two singles in one game! Raegan’s confidence has greatly improved while in vision therapy! Thank you Dr. Dan, Samantha, Jessica, and Alyssa for helping my daughter!

Rae (Mother)