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Helping Patients For Over 30 Years

Wow Vision Therapy in St. Joseph, MI has been helping patients with vision dysfunctions for over 30 years! Below, see what some of their past patients have to say about vision therapy.

Success Stories

By: Jenny & Brian

Lucas came to Wow Vision Therapy struggling with comprehension, reading, and a lazy eye! He was behind in class. We also spent numerous nights crying over homework.

Luke’s eye doctor referred us to Wow Vision Therapy after his eye exams came back that his vision was fine, but there must have been something else going on! We had texts, exams, and had met with Dr. Fortenbacher and staff. We learned Lucas had much more than we had thought going on.

So Luke began therapy, and every week we started to see homework become less frustrating. Also, Lucas is now able to jump leaps and bounds in reading levels. He even started reading books to his sister. This is a kid who refused to read previously.

He’s so happy to be able to read chapter books; finally, he’s been interested in but could never read. Lucas also used to fail all comprehension homework. His teachers would say he needed Summer School to get caught up! Now Lucas passes all comprehension work.

Thanks to Wow for helping Luke gain confidence, learn to read correctly and efficiently and for helping him soar to the top in comprehension.

Miss Jessica has been a great mentor, leader, teacher, and has helped Lucas succeed. We are forever thankful for all that Wow Vision Therapy has done to make Luke better

We will continue to monitor Lucas, and we hope to continue seeing him succeed in the future!

Thank you, Jessica, staff, and Dr. Fortenbacher for all you do!

By: Gloria

When I went to Wow Vision Therapy,  I was a bit scared of what I was going to have to do. But once I started with Dr. Amanda, I was quite excited about what I would be doing for the next 4 months.

Once we had gone through about 18 sessions, she had to leave for another job somewhere else. I was really sad when she left because we had done so many activities together and we both shared our love for cats.

I had 1 session with Ms. Jessica while people were planning who I would be with next.

All the office staff finally decided on Ms. Connie. Ms. Connie is a tender-hearted person, always full of joy, and constantly smiling. She is a great teacher, and she loves to play games. Sometimes Ms. Connie was working on other stuff, so I would have to be with Ms. Chery. FUN FACT: Ms. Cheryl’s daughter used to babysit me!

I can read again without the words getting smaller.

I am so excited to be graduating, and I will always remember my experience here at Wow Vision Therapy.

Disclaimer: The patient, parent or guardian in these stories authorized the use and disclosure of the patient’s name, photographic/video images, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and/or patient testimonial.


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